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Good question. Look, we know the internet is filled with tons of info. But how do you know what is valuable and real? And what are the motives behind the people posting it? Don’t you find that sometimes you just get overwhelmed and can’t make any decisions? Our mission is to help you wade through all the noise and then introduce you to the things that we think can actually help. Not only that, but our forums give you a place to discuss these ideas with others who can share their experience. It’s a safe place where you can get honest answers. As a private community, you can be assured that we are diligent in maintaining an open and nurturing environment of integrity. No trolls allowed.


Here is an idea of what you’ll find inside:


  • Our Community- Forums for connecting, sharing, and the occasional necessary rant. Things get real.
  • Mind- Emotions, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs are all critical to your healing state of mind.
  • Body- Explore the relationship between lifestyle and environmental factors and their effect on your health. Learn about the many practices and choices you can make to support your physical wellness.
  • Spirit- Addressing the spiritual components of our well being can have profound results. We explore a variety of healing modalities to more fully connect to source.
  • Guided Meditations- Meditations are a powerful way to access your higher self and are an effective tool for managing the complex emotions experienced by many when dealing with cancer.
  • The Prayer Circle- Join us weekly at this live event for those offering and seeking prayers, blessings, and healing. This non-denominational gathering honors the power of coming together with intent and gratitude.
  • Low Cost Remedies- Whether you are struggling financially or not, here are some low-cost to no-cost suggestions for helping you reclaim your good health.
  • The Best Medicine- Laughter. It's true what they say. Here are some things that make us smile.
  • Resources- Links to products, services, people, organizations......anything that we believe in that we think might be helpful to you.


Our Guarantee

If for any reason, and we do mean ANY REASON, you are not 100% completely satisfied with your membership in The Cancer Relief Society, you may cancel at any time. We will gladly refund your current months fee. Period. No excuses.  


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