Cancer Relief Society

A Passionate Heart-Centered Community Supporting the Wellbeing of those Experiencing Cancer and their Caregivers

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Special Guests

Exclusive interviews with leading experts bringing you the best in integrative approaches to wholeness and wellbeing. 

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Fascinating and informative content on a variety of topics relevant to your journey.


Our stories. When we connect with each other to share our experiences and knowledge we open ourselves to the power of community. 

Guided Meditations

Meditations are a powerful way to access your higher self and are an effective tool for managing the  complex emotions experienced by many when dealing with cancer.

The Prayer Circle

Join us weekly at this live event for those offering and seeking prayers, blessings, and healing. This non-denominational gathering honors the power of coming together with intent and gratitude.

We've Been Waiting for You!

We are the resisters, the fighters, the survivors, the caregivers, and the storytellers of cancer. Our community provides a safe place to explore and share your journey. We are hope.